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ESD shoes

ESD shoes
Product Detailed

1. Adopting elecrtostatic dissipative material with PU or PUV for sole to make together with upper.
2. Look nice and compacted

ESD shoes are adopting elecrtostatic dissipative material with PU or PUV for sole,make
together with upper,and then suture to make it mote durable. The shoes look beautiful and compacted, especially the PU shoes, with advanced wearable ability,is 5 times of commom PVC shoes, is popular high quality ESD shoes in domestic and overseas

Anti-static shoe is the most basic and popular necessary products in physical anti-static accouterment. This butterfly shoe's outsole is made of anti-static PVC(polyvinyl chloride) or PU material, was molding with upper together for a body and then reinforced by stitching. The shoe is designed as four holes type(butterfly), which is breathable and weat eliminated, wear comfortable. The finished shoes looks nice, burliness, durable.
1. The shoe's outsole has a good anti-static function.
2.  Adopt molding with upper and then reinforced by sewing, burliness and durable.
3. The shoe's outsole was made of foamable technic, the shoe's outsole is light and soft.
4. The shoe's insole was made of conductive EVA and cotton conductive fabric, which has a good flexibility, it isn't so easy to get tired when wearing.
5.  Can be cleaned and reused, and don't affect its anti-static function.
Be used for physical ESD protection in the electron production process.
Technical Data:
Outsole resistance:      7.5×105Ω~3.5×107Ω;
Outsole color:          white;
Upper  material:      Canvas;
Upper thickness:      1.0mm;
Upper color:          SH-109 is white,SH-109A is blue;
Outsole hardness: 55±5 degree
The flexing times of the outsole:  over 250 thousand times but without any Cracks(90°flexing under normal temperature);
The flexing times of the upper: over 250 thousand times but without any Cracks (90°flexing under normal temperature) ;                        
Washable times:  more than 50 times but still keep anti-static performance;

1. Wear the thin texture socks;
2. Don't touch electriferous machine which is over physical safe voltage;
3. For keep the shoe's anti-static function, don't change its inside
4. Don't use insulating insole when wear the shoe.

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