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Elastic Wrist Strap E

Elastic Wrist Strap E
Product Detailed

1 Used electronic production line
2 Particularly and convenient adjustable, one size fits all
3 Good price and service

Product description:
ESD Wrist Strap is a basic and widely facility in ESD equipment used in electronic production line , it's convenient to set up and operate. It consists of wrist loop and grounding wire, the wrist loop is contacted with skin directly to form electrostatic discharge channel through button connected in series with grounding wire to take away static electricity from human body. The grounding wire is made of ring-shaped catapult circling, don't take the use of space,  freely adjust operating distance. It can renew after haul straight. Every grounding wire has an safety 1MΩ resistance, it protects operators safety as well as current-sensing devices.

Product  Feature:
1. The thickened PU catapult wire elasticity is very good, and renew speedy.
2. Particularly and convenient adjustable wrist loop wears comfortable, and good contact.
3. Full copper fastener and high-force elasticity copper-pin ensure to have a good contact, make the channel of electrostatic discharge not to have momentary open circuit. 
4. Can clean.

User Instruction:
Get product out from bag, put wrist band on wrist and adjust conductive band length let mental plate contacting wrist skin, plug in dual coil core into socket.
Product application:
Use for physical electrostatic protection during electorn product manufacture.
             1PCS/bag        50PCS/big bag        300 PCS/box
Main material:
Plastic piece material: ABS(sky blue)
Hardware piece material: 304 (stainless steel)
Catapult wire material: PU (sky blue)
Catapult wire core: 7 rootcopper-foilsilk
Fastener material: Cu(nickel-plate)
Conduction strap material: Nylon (sky blue)
Banana pin: High quality Cu- beryllium

Technical Parameters:
Decay time: < 0.1S(1000V~100V)
Safety grounding resistance:  1MΩ±20%
Grounding wire and wrist loop pulling-out force:  0.45Kg(1Pound)<F<2.3Kg(5Pound)
Fastener spec: Φ10mm
Wrist band :
Wrist band conduction strap internal resistance: ≤100KΩ
Wrist band conduction strap external resistance: ≥10 MΩ
Wrist band conduction material proportionment: 52%
Wrist band conduction strap thickness: 2.0mm(0.08in)
Wrist band conduction strap width: 20mm(0.79in)
Wrist band stainless steel thickness: 0.3mm(0.012in)
The area of stainless steel contact with skin: 650mm2
Wrist band strap girth: 300mm(11.8in)
Grounding wire
Grounding wire safety resistance: 1MΩ±20%
Grounding wire bend time: ≥2,000,000 times
Grounding wire pin usage life: ≥10,000 times
Grounding wire pin: Banana pin
Grounding wire length: After pull straight 2.45m(8ft)
Grounding wire circle inner diameter: 8mm(0.31in)
Grounding wire spec: 28#(2.4mm)
Grounding wire two end beeline length: 200mm(8in)
Remark:Grounding wire length could according to customer requirement made.

1.   Forbid using this product when electricity manipulation;
2.   Do not flare out dual coil core to length limit when using to prevent alligator clip or plug rebound hurting.

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